Right direction, wrong way home.

What follows is an incredibly patchy account of my 2013 thruhike of the Appalachian Trail. A collection of the posts while I was in America, hiking up the back bone of the east… Continue reading

The build up to my Appalachian Trail thruhike back in 2013

This is a collection of all my posts before I headed out on my thruhike back in 2013. (Apologies in advance some facts and links may have change since). Why? Is The Biggest Question… Continue reading

Nomad Again

The nomadic lifestyle is the oldest form of a community of people. They move and eat with the seasons, living off the land they pass through and with that, the land they move on from gets… Continue reading

I’ve got this idea…

….lots and lots of ideas, and that seems to have been my ‘problem’ since I can remember. As a child its part of learning and growing up, the whole ideas process, then you… Continue reading